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Members' Benefits

Once you are registered as a PPIA Unimelb member, you are entitled to receive a PPIA Membership Card. This card can be obtained at our Open Table during our events (will be announced on our Instagram stories).

By holding a PPIA Membership Card, you are entitled to receive ALL of the benefits below (and more to come!) simply by showing your card in the stores.


15% discount on presentations, scanning & digitilising, folio, thesis, document and other printing services

All members are eligible for a 10% off from their total bill

008_Koskosan Australia.png

Use the referral code PPIAUNIMELB to get 20 AUD off when signing up as a KosKosan member & extra discount up to 10% for purchases


10% discount per oder for all drinks by signing up Chatime Membership via app and choosing Melbourne as Favourite store


Discount 5% from Monday to Sunday except Saturday

020_Ria Melbourne.png

*Free soup & Teh Kotak/soft drink with a minimum purchase of $15 AUD (applicable in all Melbourne branches) 


*15% off at Ria South Melbourne branch excluding snacks
(applicable Monday - Saturday, min purchase $25, max purchase $100)


* A free class (get your voucher in the next PPIA Unimelb events)

*Student membership joining discount

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*Coming soon

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