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  • How do I redeem my member benefits?
    Simply show your red PPIA membership card upon checkout in partner shops/counter as listed on the Members Benefits page on our website
  • How do I apply to be a PPIA member ?
    Register as an UMSU member for free through this link: Register and make the payment for our PPIA Unimelb membership through this link: Fill up details on this google form: We will soon confirm your membership registration and give out your PPIA Unimelb membership number through email. You can collect your physical membership card in one of our offline events.
  • How do I get information regarding university applications, degrees, courses, scholarships, and accommodations?
    Please refer to Melbourne University or contact our International Office Manager Melbourne University in Indonesia, Ibu Denok Sri Sukartinah at or +62215200407
  • Can I be a PPIA member?
    You have two membership options: 1. University of Melbourne Student Memberships, available exclusively to admitted students at The University of Melbourne including: undergraduates, postgraduates, diplomas, associates, and phDs (excluding: Trinity College Foundation Studies students) 2. ⁠Non-Unimelb Associate Memberships, which does not require you to be a Unimelb Student. Both memberships grant access to all of our events!
  • How do I become PPIA Unimelb committee?
    Apply for our annual open recruitment that starts in the second semester of the academic year. Stay tuned in our instagram for more updates!
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